The best thing about this is that it’s odorless. Fire Ant Killer Dust is not labeled for and cannot be applied in and around fruits, vegetables, herbs and edible plants. 11.5 lb. Bayer carpenter ant and termite killer concentrate is killing the insects on contact. Spiders etc.The product comes in three different sizes. About the Bayer Advanced Weed Killer The big difference between Spectracide vs Bayer Advanced is the fact that the Bayer advanced weed killer can handle crabgrass as well as broadleaf weeds. 5. Has no unpleasant odor and is non-staining. We used Bayer Advanced Carpenter Ant & Termite Killer Plus Concentrate and it worked great. Advanced Fire Ant Killer fights fire ants two ways. Bayer Advanced Fire Ant Killer Dust kills the Queen and destroys the entire mound. Unlike the Premise Foam Spray, Bayer Advanced Termite Killer is meant to be mixed with water, in an outdoor fertilizer sprayer. PRODUCT CODE: 41022 CHEMICAL FAMILY: Pyrethroid Insecticide CHEMICAL NAME: Cyano(4-fluoro-3-phenoxyphenyl)methyl 3-(2,2- 6 87073 02832 4 UPC: 6 87073 02832 4. Protecting your home from nuisance pests has never been easier. BioAdvanced Carpenter Ant and Termite Killer Plus Ready to Use kills carpenter ants, termites, carpenter bees, ants, fleas, ticks, spiders and other pests on contact. per 1000 sq. 3. 4. Terro Outdoor Liquid Ant Baits. Bayer Advanced All-in-One Lawn Weed and Crabgrass Killer is a concentrate that is able to kill more than 200 types of weeds including crabgrass. She has thrown up quite a bit, but she still seems very uncomfortable and she keeps kicking her back legs. I shot this short video using my Kodak Zi6 HD Flip Camera. Wear eye protection/ face protection. Not only do these granules kill the… When can children and pets re-enter an area treated with Fire Ant Killer Dust? Usage: Fire Ant Killer. … The short list of the pests is: 1. It has a 2-way formula that kills surface insects like ants, fleas, ticks, grubs, crickets, and mosquitoes in just 24 hours. container and concentrates of 32 oz. Termites. This can be applied at any angle, even upside down and is for use on mattresses, upholstered furniture and luggage. I bought a product that is working well for me. ft. Use a rotary or drop type spreader to ensure granules are applied evenly over the lawn. Maxforce Carpenter Ant Bait Gel-1 (Bayer) This fipronil-based bait comes in a syringe and is made … Plus kills fleas and ticks. Universal cardboard traps won’t treat your house from new termite invasions but can instead serve as local protection for individual objects. Bio Advanced Carpenter Ant & Termite Killer Plus Concentrate previously known as Bayer Carpenter Ant and Termite Killer Plus Concentrate is a liquid product that kills wood-destroying insects like carpenter ants and termites as well as 75 other pests. Poison control said she should be fine, but to keep an eye on her. Bayer Carpenter Ant Killer. BAYER ADVANCED ALL-IN-ONE LAWN WEED & CRABGRASS KILLER I CONCENTRATE 2/11 Version 3.0 / USA Revision Date: 08/02/2016 102000015602 Print Date: 08/03/2016 Precautionary statements Wash thoroughly after handling. Ticks. Bayer Advanced Complete Insect Killer Granules with 20% more than the 10 lb size is a Multi-Insect Killer ! and 1 gal. Bayer Advanced Termite Killer Plus does not repel termites. Effects observed included reduced feed consumption, red nasal discharge, urine stains, and findings at the dose site (scabbing, crusty, discolored and raised zones). As many of the pest fighting product by Bayer it actually has much more than one targeted insect. The purpose of this Notification is to make the following additions to the label: 1. Maxforce® FC Fire Ant Bait provides control of fire ants with a Simply Irresistible™ formula and the exclusive Maxforce Domino Effect™. It KILLS on CONTACT and provides Long-Lasting Protection ! The active ingredients are .72% Imidacloprid and .36% Beta-cyfluthrin. No. Bayer Advanced Carpenter Ant and Termite Killer Plus is a liquid concentrate that kills wood-destroying insects such as carpenter ants and termites along with many other pests. 23 lb. Use only outdoors or in a well-ventilated area. Children and pets should be kept out of the areas treated with Fire Ant Killer Dust. It is positioned as a treatment for already existing structures and not the pretreatment before building one. Carpenter Bees. The Bayer Advanced Termite Killer Granules is an easy DIY soil treatment method. That’s what the Bayer Advanced Insect Killer for Soil and Turf is. Bayer Advanced 502832 Fire Ant Killer Dust, 16-Ounce This Bayer advance Fire Ant Killer Dust is specifically made to kill the queen and demolish the entire mound of ants. Treats up to 130 mounds Guaranteed. Bio Advanced previously known as Bayer Complete Insect Killer for Soil & Turf Concentrate kills the most common lawn pests like ants, fleas, ticks, grubs, and more. Kills termites, ants and other listed insects with a single application around home perimeters, around wooden posts and other wooden constructions. Fleas. For effective control of white grubs (including larvae of Asiatic Garden Beetle, Black Turfgrass Ataenius, Chafers, Japanese Beetle, May or June Beetle,and Oriental Beetle) , apply Bayer Complete Insect Killer Granules at a rate of 2 to 3 lbs. 2. Bayer BioAdvanced 1.5 lb, complete ant killer plus, proprietary 2 way formula controls both surface & soil insects, killing kills surface insects in 24 hours & soil insects for up to 3 months, kills the most common lawn pests, including: ants, fleas, ticks, European crane fly larvae, grubs, mole crickets & more. Creates Protective Barrier Around Home Kills Ticks that Transmit Lyme Disease Spray where these pests may be found or could enter the house, pet quarters or other outbuilding. Bayer advanced termite killer granules: review. It is fast-acting and most dominating in the market. An additional control and high-dose group were treated and maintained for 14-15 days following treatment so as to ascertain the extent of recovery. Structure such as solid, liquid, aerosol etc. I really love the camera. Bayer Advanced™ Complete Brand Ant Killer Plus 1.5lb Granules - Treats up to 1,500sq ft Ready to spread granules that kill surface insects in 24 hours and kills soil insects for up to 3 months. days. My dog ingested Bayer Advanced Complete Insect Killer. Use for soil and turf. The sprayer is sold separately. The AMDRO Ant Block Home Perimeter Ant Bait Granules are the ultimate ant killer. As a mound treatment, it kills the mound in 15 minutes and the queen within 24 hours, guaranteed. Kills a wide range of climbing and flying wood-infesting insects Kills on contact Broad spectrum outdoor use: lawn, landscape, foundation, trench, deck and patio, wood piles, and home structures Also kills carpenter bees, ants, fleas, ticks, crickets What more could you want '! This is an ant killer that kills the queen and the whole colony. 72155-80 September 14, 2011 Section II - Explanation Bayer Advanced is submitting a label Notification for Ant & Roach Killer Pump Spray B, EPA Reg. 72155-80, in accordance with PR Notice 98-10. Avoid breathing mist and spray. The Bayer Advanced Complete Ant Killer is a versatile and powerful outdoor ant killer that works effectively against a wide range of different insects, including ants, spiders, ticks, wasps, and cockroaches. I opened our storage shelter to reveal an ant infestation the likes of which I'd never seen before. Labeled for residential and commercial properties, this product can be applied to home lawns, golf courses, sod farms, commercial and recreational turf, … 6. No. Bayer Advanced - Complete Ant Killer Plus #{{vm.selectedVariant().code}} ... Bayer's Complete Ant Killer Plus controls both surface and soil insects. Ready-to-use 3 gal. Bayer Complete Insect Killer is a two-way formula that treats the surface and the soil. Ant & Roach Killer Pump Spray B Page 1 of 1 EPAReg. Bayer’s Home Pest Bed Bug and Flea Killer kills bed bugs while providing residual control. Spray it in the wall voids and other inaccessible places where a pest colony has settled. Sizes 11.5 lb. Direct nozzle about 12 inches from […] It defeats the most common lawn pests including ants, fleas, and ticks. Carpenter ants. For use on lawns, … Features. For soil, turf and building perimeter applications. As a broadcast treatment, it kills on contact and protects against new invasions for up to six months. Please Note: Prices, promotions, styles and availability may vary by store and online. You can use it like how you would water your lawn and patio. BAYER EMERGENCY PHONE: (877) 229-3763 BAYER INFORMATION PHONE: (877) 229-3724 1. This vesatile products can be used on lawns, landscape foundations, decks, patios, wood piles and home structures. The no-drip, odorless formula stays where you spray it. CHEMICAL PRODUCT IDENTIFICATION: PRODUCT NAME: Bayer AH Powerforce Kills Bugs Fast Carpenter Ant & Termite Killer Plus Conc. Bayer Advanced™ Complete Granular Ant Killer - 1.5 lb. Ambro products are always guaranteed to work and you… Two features stand out with the Terro Liquid Ant Bait Killer: First, it’s … Bayer Advanced Carpenter Ant & Termite Killer Plus, is a kill-on-contact, liquid termite solution. Instead, it kills termites, spiders, ants, and a bunch of other pests as soon as they come into contact with it. INDOOR USE Hold container upright while spraying. Is there something more I should do? 7. Inventory is sold and received continuously throughout the day; therefore, the quantity shown may not be available when you get to the store. Purpose of product. Bayer’s Advanced Carpenter Ant & Termite Killer kills on contact killing carpenter bees, ants, fleas, ticks, crickets, spiders, flies and more. Scorpions. Kills ants, fleas, & ticks in 24 hours;

bayer advanced ant killer

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