Oat straw also nourishes blood vessels by its anti-inflammatory properties and improve the circulation of blood in the body and towards the brain, which will enable enhanced cognitive function. What you keep after taxes and expenses. What’s important is you LISTEN to your body – it’ll tell you what you need to do. Oat Straw After reading about the healthful qualities of Oat Straw in traditional folk medicine my first thought was to eat more oatmeal. Studies have shown conflicting results. Below, I’ve put a link to a product that contains this exact form of Oat Straw/Avena Sativa Extract. Oat tincture is a popular way to stimulate nerves when treating an addiction to opium and also used to treat ADHD and anxiety. In fact, here’s a picture of my breakfast with oats in it I just ate this morning before writing this article. My hand could never look that ageless and perfect. It contains a protein called avenin that is tolerated by those with Celiac disease and those with a gluten sensitivity or intolerance. Its known to lower cholesterol naturally, and help rebuild strength by increasing stamina and vigor. Avena sativa contains compounds which are soothing the brain and nervous system, hence it is said to boost an overall sense of well-being, relieve stress and anxiety. This does not mean that stevia increases testosterone levels, but it does illustrate that it doesn't seem to have a negative effect, when consumed as part of a healthy lifestyle. I’ll give you a link to that article at the end of this one. The bottom line is that I don’t know for sure. I’ve mowed some lawns in my day and chopped a little firewood! All the same, that doesn’t mean Oat Straw is no good, it just means it likely isn’t an essential ingredient for sexual dysfunction. … When combined with palmetto, its said to enhance sexual performance. The NYU Langone Medical Center also notes that normal consumption of stevia should not negatively affect fertility 4 . Is Oat Straw an essential sexual dysfunction ingredient? It is said, that oat straw tea improves testosterone by rapid increasing in its sperm production. * As with all information, products and services, results are not guaranteed and may vary from one individual to another. Remember, always listen to YOUR body. Oats are even reflected as a good source of food in its name “avena” meaning nourishing and “sativa” known as cultivated. Behind this humble name, however, hides a powerful natural product that’s capable of delivering multiple health benefits. Increased MOA-B, loss of dopamine receptors Oat Straw Guide Oat Straw comes from green oats and has been used as a traditional cognitive enhancement supplement since medieval times. It boosts sexual desire and can even help you quit smoking, so what isn’t to like about Oat straw? It also contains about a dozen other clinically researched natural ingredients that help balance and optimizes your hormones by. The plant flowers in June-July and is ripe in the fall months between August and October. The reason I say this is because many of the supplements on my top male enhancers list often utilize it in their ingredients. The Oat seeds carry, cardiac, antispasmodic, diuretic, nervine, emollient, and stimulant properties. Oat Straw (also known as wild oats or by its scientific name, avena sativa), is a grass originating from Scotland that is harvested once it reaches maturity. I hope this review was helpful and thanks for reading! Oat straw—the leaves and stems of the plant, which contain very high iron levels, as well as manganese and zinc. Today, oat straw has been back in the news lately after recently being featured on The Dr. Oz Show. It fights problems for those with varicose veins, obesity, and hemorrhoids. The Straw and grain are prescribed to treat a great deal of conditions. But it is a powerful plant that’s been associated with a lot of amazing health benefits, including those in the realm of sexual dysfunction. Oat straw is the hay-like grass that grows with green oats. The entire contents of this website are based upon the opinions of. What can I say? When it comes to names, oat straw certainly doesn’t appear to be too impressive. It’s actually something I’ve been using myself for over 20 years. 727-441-1829 Oat Straw is gluten-free unlike other grains like wheat, rye, and barley. Oat Straw benefits and side effects must have something to them, at least the benefits, I should say. Even though oat straw is often marketed as a sexual enhancer, these claims are not backed up by science. Also known to help with exhaustion and those who have multiple sclerosis. And those supplement companies seem to have it right by adding it in. Oat straw can be taken … But most don’t know much beyond the fact that oat is used as the main ingredient in many cereals and breads. Which it is isn’t. Oat Straw (Avena Sativa) is a calming nootropic herb with Alpha brainwave-boosting properties. It has been used to improve brain function and ease feelings of anxiety and stress. Oat straw can increase the amount of testosterone in the blood. Oat straw benefits, as luck may have it, could be right up your alley. This ingredient is important and can be big boost to your health. What is oat straw tea Oat straw tea prepared from the stem, leaf, and flower of the common oat (Avena sativa) plant is an herbal tea with a hoard of medicinal benefits. The evidence even suggests that if you consume oats it helps to lower blood sugar naturally and can be used as an herbal remedy for those who suffer from diabetes. Oat Straw is now suggested as a nootropic to: Improve Cognition. A study which combined nettle root with oat straw extract (Avena sativa) showed that testosterone levels of men and women participating in the experiment increased by an average of 105 percent. The plant contains small amounts of silicon and potassium and minerals like calcium and magnesium. Besides that, there are currently no drug interaction associated with the plant. The Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco conducted a double-blind, placebo-controlled study with 75 volunteers. However, fear not, the stuff is really good in many, many ways. You can’t get this from food, I’ve tried – it doesn’t work. Testosterone, the primary sex hormone in men, plays an important role in puberty and offers a wide range of benefits. Interestingly, they almost all had elevated cortisol and lower testosterone levels. Oat straw extract is a natural inhibitor of MAO-B and will help restore dopamine to youthful levels. Oats will always be a huge food source for both animals and humans and have been for thousands of years. This is big for those who are recovering from a long-term illness. The seed is golden and spindle-like. It isn’t even close to that. Oat straw requires a good drainage system but can be grown in a soil with high acidity. Just so that you know, as your stress hormone cortisol goes up, your testosterone levels will come down. – your body doesn’t like it. But these guys were professionals and thus, they lived a stricter lifestyle and were very detailed and calculated in everything they did – ate, slept, exercised, supplements, drugs, and so forth. The typical dosage of Oat Straw extract is about 2 to 3 t to 1 cup boiling water leaving it sit 10-15 min before consuming. Then reintroduce it back into your diet and see how you feel. So, I had to take it seriously because something was negatively affecting their mood and performance. Numerous studies confirm that The only main concern with oat straw is that if you have an allergy towards oat flower I would recommend staying away from anything that may contain oat straw. And thus, I did hormone tests on these guys whenever it was possible – both blood and saliva. Oat straw is one of the most popular and powerful ingredients used today. Think of your total testosterone as your GROSS income. And even if it did, any study can be refuted with an opposite study. Oat Straw Liquid Extract Tincture - Avena Sativa, 100ml Natures Aid 5-HTP Complex with Avena Sativa, Vitamin B Complex to Support Nervous System Function, 60 Tablets 4.5 out of 5 stars 24 £15.29 £ 15. Oat straw can increase the amount of testosterone in the blood. Although testosterone loss is common as men age, studies show that men today actually have less testosterone than men used to have at the same age. And this imbalance could easily be the cause of the lowered sex drive, libido, performance, and so forth. This must signal that oat straw is far more than a straw made from oats. However, IF you feel like eating oats or any foods causes a decrease in your libido and sex drive or some other negative physical, emotional, or mental issue… then my suggestion is you STOP doing it for a couple of weeks and see how you feel. And your “free testosterone” as your NET income. Male Extra vs TEKMale - Which Male Enhancement Supplement Is Best? Oat Straw After reading about the healthful qualities of Oat Straw in traditional folk medicine my first thought was to eat more oatmeal. The seeds, the fruit, and the straw are usually gathered in the month of August. Was this due to eating oats?… I have no idea because I don’t have enough data or people. This plant helps addicts, cancer patients, those with diabetes, and even men struggling with low testosterone. What most people do not know is the benefits of oatstraw. The Oat seeds carry, cardiac, antispasmodic, diuretic, nervine, emollient, and stimulant properties. Anyway, if you’re interested in more details about all of this and how to improve your libido and so forth – just click on this special link. Before I end today’s topic, I also did a quick search on PubMed about clinical studies linking oats to testosterone or cortisol levels, libido and so forth. Health Warnings About Eating Oats/Oatmeal, Especially For Breakfast! They also have a tincture and the dosage in that form is 3 times a day 3-5 ml each time. To give you ideas on the science-based oat straw health benefits, continue to read. The plant can be found growing in moderate temperatures like Northern Europe and does it well in wastelands. It is then dried and the seeds are removed, producing the oats that most Oat straw can help with that as well (though it can also cause skin allergies in young children). Caffeine and Testosterone - What You Should Know, GABA Supplements For Male Enhancement, Anxiety, And More. The Straw and grain are prescribed to treat a great deal of conditions. Researchers have found that Oat Straw contains an anti-tumor component called b-sitosterol,  also suggests that if you consume oats regularly reduces chances of bowel cancer and even cancer In general. Oat straw is most commonly distributed for cereal but can also be found in gardens or planted to eliminate erosion of the soil. Its proprietary matrix supports natural test output. While some of the big sexual dysfunction supplements utilize it, the most praised supplement, TEKMale, does not use it. Anyway, this specific form of oat is called Oat Straw Extract, also known as Avena Sativa Extract. I’m also sharing the link to the original article about “Health Warnings About Eating Oats/Oatmeal, Especially For Breakfast!”. Avena sativa is the grassy part of the oat plant. "Information About Supplements Today" is a website devoted to providing the most recent, concise and accurate information about nutritional supplements and alternative health. Oat straw has an obvious recognition as a valuable and stable crop, but most don’t know that it’s used in treatments of a large number of ailments, discomforts, and maladies. About a specific type of oat that RAISES total and free testosterone levels. I recently did a popular article about oats, entitled, “Health Warnings About Eating Oats/Oatmeal, Especially For Breakfast!”. There was an imbalance and the ratio was far from optimal. Oat straw is a nervine derived from the unripe, green leaves and stems of the oat plant, traditionally used as an herbal nerve tonic and aphrodisiac. Aside from the possible boost to testosterone levels, there are numerous other benefits to taking a supplement such as this. Thus, they both matter, but your FREE testosterone levels matter more – that’s the active, usable testosterone. There is also a long history of Avena Sativa having been used for the treatment of epilepsy. The Oat straw has also been known to help those who suffer from neurological pains and insomnia. If it was a regular person, I wouldn’t give it as much thought because there are too many variables that regular people don’t take into account. Our Scientifically Advanced Formula in Test-Boost contains a unique blend of Maca, Tongkat Ali Herb, Ginseng, L-Arginine, Zinc, Sarsaparilla, Pimkin Seed, Muira Puama, Oat Straw, Nettle Leaf, Cayenne Pepper, Astragalus, Catauba Bark, Licorice, … Molecules within the wild oats, known as avenanthramides , work to promote lowering immune system chemicals known to create inflammation. If things go bad again, then I think we know for sure that you must eliminate this specific food from your diet. Was it because they had an allergic reaction to the oats, which will cause inflammation and a rise in cortisol?… Yes, possibly. Oat Straw Extract Oat probably isn’t a plant that you would typically associate with male enhancement, but it has surprising aphrodisiac effects. This can be oats or any macro or micronutrient. Coffee Brand Recalled For Causing Erections, Tribulus Terrestris Benefits And Side Effects, The Benefits Of Vitamin E | Sexual Health, Skin, And So Much More, The Benefits Of Boron | Boron And Testosterone. ). Oat beta-glucan ( oat bran )—soluble fiber that has been linked to improving heart health and lowering cholesterol. Studies suggest that this herb may increase free testosterone All of my favorite cereals have oat in them. Studies indicate oat straw has a positive […] Another interesting way to use Oat straw is to make a n infusion for your bathtub by adding 1 pound of Oat straw with 2 quarts of boiling water and let sit 30 min. Oat straw can improve stimulation of the reproductive organs for both men and women, also as effective herbal remedy for anxiety and stress. It turns out that Oat Straw Extract Powder has several qualities that set it … What’s interesting is within 48 hours, I had 3 separate guys contacting me – in Facebook or email – asking me: I stated how this was interesting because years ago when I used to consult and coach a lot of professional athletes, including bodybuilders, I had a few guys tell me similar things.

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