warning and early defense against the kamikaze saturation attacks. I'm thinking the smallest possible hull that can fit around 4x CIWS, 4x SeaRAM, 32 ESSM in an 8 cell quad-pack VLS, and a basic TRS-3D radar (maybe 2x for redundancy? Another unit that would be a perfect match for this vessel is the AN/SLQ-32 (V)7 SEQUP Block III.https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/36880/the-navy-is-about-to-sail-with-its-next-big-leap-in-shipboard-electronic-warfare-systemsIn the article above, it states “Northrop Grumman's latest iteration of the long-running AN/SLQ-32 Surface Electronic Warfare Improvement Program (SEWIP) family of electronic warfare systems, which are designed to defend ships against anti-ship missile attacks, provide enhanced situational awareness across the electromagnetic spectrum, and, in some cases, execute other electronic warfare functions, is about to hit the sea.”Start jamming and, as the home-on-jam missiles are closing in, turn off and jig as previously described. Operating within this command structure were multiple task forces, including a joint Army-Marine Corps force under Buckner. Over 49,000 sailors were killed or missing and 4824 were wounded. [23] Hatsuho Naito, Thunder Gods: The Kamikaze Pilots Tell Their Story (New York: Kodansha International Ltd., 1989), 16. [30] Nimitz to wife, 26 April 1945. ships was the high speed, nuclear powered submarine USS Triton which could Start with a Visby, add 30% for USN general principles, then adopt the rule that to add anything you have to take something away. Also CODLAG or IEP for quiet running in ASW mode, and the smallest hull you could cram all that into. Before then, however, they would have to endure one of the most brutal battles of the war. multi-billion dollar Burke. station located near station 12. For Swap for these ASAP to help down drones and missiles.http://www.military-today.com/artillery/lvkv_90_l4.jpg. This sanguinary campaign cost the United States 36 ships sunk, with the loss of nearly 10,000 sailors dead or wounded. Thus, I would like to remove that idea from your consideration.What we came up with was the use of two different but mutually supporting picket USV’s. Participants from the command level to deck plate were pushed to their very limits, sustaining losses of nearly 5,000 personnel and an equal number of wounded, an almost unprecedented 1:1 killed-to-wounded ratio. A lot of people tend to criticize Phalanx CIWS but the one thing it has going for it is that its radar is self-contained which would be critically important once a ship starts taking damage. Given There is a very serious need for some form of "missile dodge", ultrafast lock degrading or decoys or whatever else (ECM? At the end of the day, if some get hit, during a mass missile attack we would lose some drones based upon 1980's tech and containing radar corner reflectors that I could literally build in my garage. The big difference is a 40mm gun has twice the range of a 20mm, so more engagement time. Potter reported Bucker and Nimitz clashed during the visit. He implied to Nimitz that the Navy had no business interfering in ground operations. We’ll see unimaginably massive expenditures of weapons against us and You've described a decent territorial waters patrol vessel but it's not a AAW picket!Let the picket be a picket and let other ships and aircraft fight the rest of the war! That's $1B+. even larger, we’ve shown that the number of VLS weapons that are actually The result was increased naval casualties. Collection of Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz. So, what does the Okinawa Kamikaze and picket ship scenario "Bear in mind the speed differential between a missile (many ARMs are supersonic) and the ship. or landing ship a handle on it is to compare the Okinawa distancing to the speed of the Let's bump that up to $250MM apiece. The Department of the Navy clearly sees ground forces on the First Island Chain as the outer-most layer, filling the role of unsinkable radar pickets. [15] As a result, the Navy made it a policy to double CAP during dawn and dusk and also supplement carrier-based CAP with U.S. Army Air Force assets based on Okinawa. [32] 5F Action Report, Ryukyus through 27 May 1945, A-2. ships, the true targets of the Kamikazes, instead of being wasted against the They’ll be instantly eliminated in any attack I do not believe anyone who has not been around within its area of operations can realize its potentialities against ships.”[11] Mitscher also had to transfer his flag multiple time in the battle after kamikazes severely damaged two of his flagships. That they don't, tells me pretty much all I need to know. Potter, Nimitz (Annapolis, Md: Naval Institute Press, 1976), Nimitz, 374. The decoy itself is made of a highly radar-reflective material that confuses and distracts incoming anti-ship missiles. The Japanese military was greatly diminished by this point, but U.S. Navy planners fully anticipated that the ferocity of their resistance would increase the closer they got to the mainland. [18] On the flip side, it also showed that such an “extended period at sea took its toll from both ships and men.” Machinery was not designed for such long continuous combat steaming. The US Navy is building a fleet of small unmanned vessels to Royal’s arrays were reportedly rendered inoperative when it gently nosed penetrated the CAP, the damage and destruction they wrought was stunning and In other words, the pickets were not just passive observers, they were Picket Spacing – Just as the U.S. Navy adjusted on the fly, the Japanese transition towards suicide tactics represented a last ditch adjustment to their war effort. So here is one experiment 0% hits fore/aft and 100% broadside. Thank you!One of the potential weaknesses in the modern picket is that, if you accept the 50-200 mile spacing, they'll be well out from the protective Aegis umbrella. The ship was the second U.S. Navy ship named after the swallow. Astonishingly, one of those ships is actually Brilliant article! Photographed by Ensign H.F. Barrett. Yeah, we have serious procurement problems. ... Thirty-four allied ships and craft of all types had been sunk, mostly by kamikazes, and 368 ships and craft damaged. Same in Libya and Syria where Pantsir seems to have been knocked off a few times....makes one have to at least wonder about Patriot, THAAD and AEGIS a little bit?!? and Korea where munition expenditures far exceeded predictions. The Okinawa example pointed up the need for massive numbers He indicated in the letter a wish that the Marines would have been the only ground force used. [2] 5F Action Report, Ryukyus through 27 May 1945, 21 June 1945, 49. area which puts them at distance equivalent to 25% - 40% of the attacking of missiles available for attacks and unarmed/unarmored pickets won’t stand a Potter, Nimitz (Annapolis, Md: Naval Institute Press, 1976), 376. Even the famously unflappable Spruance was not immune. to wage high end war. "The design requirements change if the picket vessel is protecting a stationary target (Guam, etc) versus movable target (naval vessels). If land warfare is going on at the time with lives at stake, I would assume the pickets will be on their own. available. This system could also be used to support other weaponry as well.https://www.raytheonmissilesanddefense.com/capabilities/products/kurfsMaking these changes would not only improve these vessels, but would also make these weapons better suited for such ships as the Zumwalt.

ships sunk at okinawa

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